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Resources to Support Your Decision

Please review these resources, which may better facilitate your decision-making. 

Why depth-oriented psychotherapy?

Check out this brief summarization of the background and rationale for approaching care from a depth lens. As a psychologist, and one with specialized training in trauma, I have seen how shame can create a barrier to accessing necessary clinical information in early meetings. Sometimes, the primary reason someone has come to treatment does not manifest until several months into care, which is okay! Trust and healing take time. I am humble in acknowledging that I cannot claim to know someone from brief intervention alone. It has taken years for you to arrive here, and it is only natural it may take more than a handful of sessions to get you where you are going.


One step at a time. Together.

If my insurance plan is not accepted within network, how do I navigate the superbill process?

While many patients seek care within their insurance network, it is sometimes preferred to engage in visits with an out-of-network provider. For example, someone may find their in-network providers lack the experience, training, or goodness-of-fit for optimal care. If you find yourself in this scenario, 

this resource may be helpful for seeking out-of-network reimbursement for your care. I am happy to provide a superbill for services provided. When in doubt, clarify with your insurance plan the extent to which you may be reimbursed.

You may be surprised by how this reduces the cost of out-of-network care.

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