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Forge Psychology is open to prospective candidate outreach. At this time, Forge Psychology does not have any open roles, yet we encourage applications from clinicians with a strong vision for how they may align with our practice. 

Traits of an ideal candidate include:


  • Full clinical licensure (unlicensed clinicians are accepted only under narrow circumstances);

  • Conceptualization skills beyond the average graduate clinician (with the expectation these will be evaluated explicitly through the interview process via in-vivo questioning or requested work samples);

  • A learning mindset, including willingness to consult, train, and collaborate within a team;

  • Comfort with high-complexity casework (experience at a higher level of care is strongly preferred); 

  • At least one skill set which would enable an expansion of what is currently offered within the practice;

  • And, while Forge Psychology prides itself in depth-based work, knowledge of pragmatic skills coaching is also strongly favored for producing gains in both the short-and-long-term for our patients. 

If you are a skilled, empathic, and curious clinician who is committed to providing exceptional and intentional care, we would love to hear from you. Please complete the form below and you will receive acknowledgement as soon as possible from the practice hiring manager: Milica Popovic, LCSW, CADC. If there is mutual interest, additional materials may be requested (e.g., CV, writing samples, references) and an interview may be extended.

Forge Psychology does not solicit or post jobs more widely. Candidates pursuing employment have done so at-will and without contractual incentives.

Thank you for your interest!

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