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In all chaos...a secret order.

Carl Jung

Dr. Jackson Newsome

Thank you for considering care with Forge Psychology Chicago.

Prioritizing your wellbeing is no easy task in a world that so often validates "the grind." While I will look forward to a more personal introduction, know first that I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialized background in treating patients in the context of trauma. Patients  tend to notice my appreciation for complexity, which is what draws me to trauma work. Whether life's disrupting experiences have resulted in posttraumatic stress, attachment concerns, or stagnancy in your development, I will strive to assist in your recovery process.

Read more about my background and approach, including my training in empirically-supported treatments, depth intervention, and intensive trauma care. When you are ready, schedule an initial consultation. This step clarifies the extent to which my services are a match for your individual needs. You deserve optimal care. If I am not the fit you need, I will provide referrals to assist your journey.


I am glad you are here.  


Not in Chicago?
Telehealth is available in 38 States and Washington, D.C.

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Practice Areas

If you do not see your area of concern listed here, please outreach for additional information.


Trauma and PTSD

Psychotherapy was born from observations of patients who had experienced trauma. Whether we complete depth-oriented treatment or a time-limited protocol, you can expect gentle and affirming care. Successful treatment results in a softening of one's relationship to their trauma narratives. Through co-existence with painful memories - rather than unhelpful instincts toward erasure - healing becomes possible.


Most people experience some extent of depression and anxiety in their lives. Beyond symptom reduction, I collaborate with patients for meaning making, radical acknowledgement of circumstances, and empowerment to shift from fear-based decision-making. 


Attachment & Relationships

Humans are fundamentally relationship seeking. Through the psychotherapeutic relationship, you may expect to bolster your interpersonal effectiveness, build insights into your relationships (past and present), and navigate around impulses that steer you from the connections you desire.


Esteem & Narcissism

We live in the age of the self. Despite good intentions, the personas we share with others often lead us from true fulfillment. It is common to find yourself struggling with low esteem and also to notice how often your ego gets in the way. Let's co-construct a bedrock of esteem that is less susceptible to life's storms.


Life Adjustment

Change is one of life's only certainties. Whether you are coping with grief, attending a new school, or languishing in a job that has pulled you from your values, psychotherapy may support intentional movement into the next phase of your life.


Identity Development

Outside of our awareness, we internalize cultural messaging that coerces us into maintaining the status quo. I strive to provide care that is anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and affirmative of gender and sexuality. My approach encourages mindful noticing of oppression and thoughtful movement toward congruence.

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