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Clinician Consultation

Consultation services are available to licensed and unlicensed clinicians, as well as students, searching for an additional lens through which to explore their casework. Please outreach with interest and know your concerns will be held with sensitivity by a licensed clinical psychologist with experience in supervision, continuing education for licensed professionals, leadership, and academic instruction. A phone screening (<10 minutes) is available at no cost to determine if consultation is right for you.

Subsequent meetings are charged at a rate of $150.00 for 50 minutes. If you have barriers to meeting this fee, please outreach to discuss options that may better meet your needs. Paid consultation service fees may reduce your taxable income depending on your circumstances, such as in the case of owning a PLLC, though please always consult with a CPA for tax and accounting advice.  

Based on demand, group consultation may be offered. Please submit your interest below for either individual or group optionality. I will maintain a waitlist and launch consultation groups as possible.

Thank you for your interest. I will reply within 24 hours on weekdays (excepting holidays or unusual circumstances).

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