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Couples & Relationship Psychotherapy


Relationship psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space where partners work collaboratively to overcome barriers to intimacy and connection. I employ a strengths-based and collaborative approach while challenging participants via interpretations of problem areas, homework assignment for completion between sessions, and experiential practice of skills within sessions. Relationship psychotherapy will be tailored to your needs. I am experienced in addressing various challenges relationships face, such as infidelity, decreased intimacy and connection, conflict, adjustment concerns with life and identity transitions, and navigating open and/or polyamorous relationships. I am affirming of gender and sexual minority (GSM) identities and kink communities.

Please note that, at this time, I am unable to accept cases who meet the following criteria: active intimate partner violence (IPV), cases with active or likely court involvement (e.g., divorce), or cases involving complex child-rearing or child custody scenarios. All work will be completed with the assumption all partners are presenting for treatment to build bridges to one another for a long-lasting connection. 

Referrals are available if I am not the clinician who is well-suited to your needs, as there are psychologists who more routinely address legal concerns and who have the requisite experience within the court system. 

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